Kairos Prison Ministry

What is Kairos? (Pronounced "Ki - Ros" (rhymes with "high dose") and means "God's Special Time")

Kairos is  a Christian, lay-led, ecumenical, volunteer, international prison  ministry in which men and women volunteers bring Christ's love and  forgiveness to incarcerated individuals and to their families. Kairos  consists of three programs: the Men's and Women's Ministry, begun in  1976, Kairos Outside, begun in 1991, and Kairos Torch, begun in 1997. 

Kairos Ministries

Kairos Inside


 The  Men's and Women's Kairos Inside Prison Mnistry addresses the spiritual  needs of prisoners. Kairos volunteers go into prisons in teams of 30 to  40 to pray, share the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ, share meals,  and fellowship with the incarcerated on a one-to-one basis. The first  visit is a three-day event, during which time the team teaches a short  introductory course on Christianity. Subsequent visits are monthly 2  hour evening reunions with the prisoners which occur over a twelve-month  period as well as a weekly meeting with the inmates for "Prayer and  Share". 

Kairos Outside


Kairos  Outside provides spiritual healing to families of the incarcerated who  often feel that they too are "doing time." Spouses, and other female  relatives and friends of prisoners meet with teams of Kairos volunteers  to share their faith and gain strength from Christian community.

Kairos Torch


 Kairos  Torch provides a ministry to youthful offenders which is the most  rapidly growing segment of the prison system. This branch of Kairos has  developed due to the fact that, to be successful, ministry to our youth  (13 to 19 years of age) needs to have a very different tone than our  methods directed toward adult offenders.